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Wendy Yu is a prominent investor, philanthropist and patron of the Arts.

Wendy Yu is an investor, philanthropist and patron of the arts.

Born in Zhejiang, her interest in business began at an early age. Her father is Mr Jingyuan Yu, a self-made business man and the founder of the Mengtian Group; the largest wooden door manufacturer in Asia.

Based in Shanghai, she is the founder and CEO of Yu Holdings, a young new conglomerate that is helping to shape the creative and cultural landscape through a uniquely millennial viewpoint.

Recently featured in Forbes China’s “30 under 30” 2018 list, Yu’s unique savoirfaire for both business and the arts has led her to fast become one of the world’s most influential young entrepreneurs.

Yu is passionate about using her power and influence to give back. With an emphasis on creativity and female empowerment, she is an active philanthropist and, according to Vogue International, one of today’s most prominent patrons of fashion.

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“Meet Wendy Yu, the millennial setting to revitalise British Fashion.”
—Victoria Moss, The Telegraph

Yu Holdings was founded in 2018 – consisting of three arms, the group acts as a dynamic eco-system; bridging industries and continents, and providing a gateway to today’s most powerful emerging market: China.

Yu Capital, the investment arm, is dedicated to the financing of fashion, lifestyle and technology companies, while Yu Fashion provides international brands with tailored distribution into China. Yu Culture exists to enrich China’s cultural landscape through the development of initiatives within the realms of film, fashion, art and media.

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“Wendy takes a globally minded view of fashion and is well-versed in fashion history as she is in knowing who from the new generation is worthy of her support. She’s an absolute love of culture - and creativity.”
—Anna Wintour, Wall Street Journal


As someone who appreciates the hard work and dedication of true craftsmanship, Yu aims to empower talented creators and pioneering initiatives.

She has recently partnered with the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the endowment of Andrew Bolton, awarding him the prestigious role of Wendy Yu Curator in Charge at the Costume Institute. Other charities and cultural institutions benefitting from her patronage include Victoria and Albert Museum, the National Portrait Gallery, BAFTA, the BFC Fashion Trust and Women For Women.

Deeply invested in the future of her home country, Yu has recently set up an Art Fund with Teach For China, an initiative helping children in rural areas develop and expand their creative skills.


"You can sense Wendy’s keen interest in the detail of couture—a passion she made professional in 2015 with the founding of Yu Holdings, a fashion investment firm with powerful clout."
—British Vogue

Fascinated by the history of fashion, Yu developed her interests further by studying Fashion Management at London College of Fashion, followed by a coveted internship at Vogue China.

Yu has a love for iconic style and emerging designers, as evidenced by her extensive collections: including fashion illustration, couture, clutch bags and limited edition Barbie dolls. She plans to open China’s first fashion museum, which will house some of these unique items.
Over the years, Yu has supported and empowered many designers, artists and creatives in the industry. Many of these relationships have developed into treasured friendships, providing a constant source of inspiration for her.


“Wendy Yu is one of the rising starts in the field of fashion investment. Her name has frequently been associated with industry power players like Anna Wintour and Angelica Cheung”
—Yiling Pan, Jing Daily
“Wendy Yu is not only passionate about fashion, she has quietly become London’s sounding board for young British designers negotiating the labyrinthine ways of entering or doing business in China.”
—Francesca Fearson, South China Morning Post